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Global Aero-Sports, through its unique and exciting STEM Education programs has been driving a positive change in the way Science Education is imparted to students. Our mission is to spark the curiosity in kids, and open up to them a world of possibilities when it comes to exploration and innovation. The conventional system of education creates limiting beliefs in children and straitjackets them to follow a career path that fails to excite them. Global Aero-Sports attempts to help children come out of these limiting beliefs and leads them on a creative career path.

Although our programs are seen under the purview of science and technology, the courses and workshops are designed in such a way that the creativity and imagination in the child is kindled. This way, there is a wholesome development in the child and he/she gains the courage and confidence necessary to lead a fruitful career.

Global Aero-Sports is also a key facilitator of School and college based start-ups and we understand that this is where the most creative ideas lie. A lot of such pursuits do not see fruition due to today’s rigid educational curricula. We have carefully designed programs to see to it that we can help students explore the scope and implications of their ideas, however wildly imaginative they may be.



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