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Intro to Aeromodeling

Intro to AeroModelling

Aeromodelling is the design, construction and flying of model airplanes, helicopters and rockets. It is both a Hobby and an International Sport Model aviation’s power to excite the imagination and generate enthusiasm has made it a truly international activity with many thousands of participants and hundreds of ongoing activities worldwide. Today, you can build model airplanes of incredible realism and fly them as expertly as a real pilot sitting at the controls. Aeromodelling helps to understand Physics, improve hand and eye coordination, understand the importance of team work, learn to cope with success and failure, create 3D objects, learn to work with plans, use hand tools etc. Aeromodelling is a wonderful form of self expression that gradually leads you to a successful career as a Pilot, Aircraft Designer, Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Aero-Space Engineer etc.

Model aircraft are flying or non-flying small sized replicas of existing or imaginary aircraft using a variety of materials including paper, plastic, metal, synthetic resins, wood, foam and fiberglass.The most commonly types are balsa wood, polystyrene and card stock. Flying designs range from generic gliders to accurate scale models, some of which can be very large; static display models range from mass produced toys to highly accurate models requiring thousands of hours to produce for display in museums. Aircraft manufacturers produce models of their own full sized aircraft both for wind tunnel testing and for advertising.

Global Aero-Sports Initiative

Global Aero-Sports is the first company in India that has taken concrete steps to make the fascinating world of model airplanes affordable and accessible to everyone.
Our Founder & CEO, MRK Menon has been providing training in Aeromodelling by way of kits, Demos Workshops and Franchisee Training Programs since 2009. Accordingly, we have introduced Model Aviation as a subject in schools starting from the 5th grade onwards. We start with the History of Aviation, Principles of Flight, etc and soon you will be building and flying beautiful chuck gliders and rubber powered model airplanes at the entry level. Our brilliant instructors and lessons will make the subject come alive in the classroom with the use of Video, Slides, Demo models, Flight Simulators etc. By the time you reach Grade 10 you will be building/flying Radio Controlled Model Planes which is an international sport recognized by the Federation Aeronautique International (Paris) and the Academy of Model Aviation based in the USA

More than 65 schools and 60,000 children all over India have benefitted from Mr. Menon’s various programs/services.

We specialize in

  • Static Models
  • Chuck Gliders
  • Rubber Powered Models
  • Model Rockets
  • R/C Airplanes Technology
  • Drone Technology
  • Aeronautical related Project Work

In schools, we offer both short term and long term programs. Our Instructors are highly trained Aeronautical/Electical Engineers who love to teach. Our manufacturing unit, which employs physically/financially handicapped women, make beautiful kits which are fully supported over phone/email/website.

Our goal is to locate and sponsor a young girl/boy to participate in an International Aeromodellers’ Competition.

Institutional Member of AMA

Global Aero-Sports is an Institutional Member of the Aero Modelers Association (AMA) and sponsor for their school based Programs/Competitions. AMA is based out of New Delhi has been formed to promote all forms of Aeromodelling in India under the auspices of the Aero Club of India. AMA also has given recognition to our short term and long term Programs in Aeromodelling and Model Rocketry.

Global Aero-Sports in conjunction with AMA has announced 5 Awards named YOUNG ACHIEVERS AWARDS to acknowledge and motivate school and college students who have contributed to the development and propagation of Aeromodelling in India. These awards focusing on specific problem solving skills will be presented annually at an AMA function. AMA Members, Global Aero-Sports Franchisees and Schools are encouraged to contact us in this regard. The Award will consist of:

  • AMA Trophy & Global Aero-Sports Certificate.
  • Rs.5000 Cash Prize
  • Coverage on AMA /Aero-Sports Website, AMA Annual Magazine, Press etc.

The AMA YOUNG ACHIEVERS AWARD WINNERS for the Year 2012-2013 are:

  • Aditya Pawar, DPS, Bangalore
  • Simon Du Chelas, Parmekavu Vidya Mandir, Thrissur
  • Arjun Anand, IES School, Thrissur
  • Prof.Umashankar, SIT, Tumkur
  • Soaring Eagles Team- SIT, Tumkur.

AMA GAS AWARD 2017 Amreli

  • Rajesh Muneswar
  • Vivek Sharma
  • Vishal Sharma
  • Aggarwal Brothers

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