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You may order online from our wide range of Aeromodels, Arduino-Robotics Kits and Quadcopter Kits.

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We use the highest quality materials for our kits- whether it be the Balsa for the Aeromodels or the Microcontrollers for the Arduino-Robotics kits and Quadcopters.


Product code : GAA001

This is an amazing introduction to your young ones , to the world of Aeromodeling.

This static model kit comes with high quality laser-cut parts that can be assembled in an hour. With a shot of imagination, the child can also customize his/her model airplane using stickers, decals and colors.

Product code :GAA002

The Kadet is our most basic flying model. It is a chuck glider and the kit comes with rough-cut parts of the highest quality imported balsa. The Kadet takes around 2 hours to construct and as much as it is a recreational tool, it is also a learning tool for the child to master the basic principles of flight.

Product code :GAA003

The Chipmunk is our Flagship model in the Basic Aeromodeling package. It is an Easy-to-construct, rubber-powered model airplane that takes around 2 hours to construct and fly. This can be a perfect gift for your young ones and a portal to the world of Advanced Aeromodeling.

Product code :GAR001

The Akshay Rocket is an Easy-to-construct model rocket. A perfect beginner module to the world of Rocketry, the Akshay is capable of reaching altitudes of 700 ft. The rocket motor can be made by a slight modification to the Diwali rocket motor.

**The rocket motor is not part of the kit.

ARDUINO based Premium Electronics Kit
Product code :GAE001

Global Aero-Sports Arduino Robotics kit is a must-have for the young scientist in your child. The kit is the perfect combination of Electronic components- Sensors, Servos, Microcontrollers, Actuators and Booklets, to prototype and build over 40 robotics-based experiments. It is a gateway to designing more complex Internet-of Things based projects.

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